November 8, 2010

Change, it never ends!

The journey of change never ends throughout one's life, but that's the only things that goes on. 
Everything else does end. Sooner or later. 
Same way, my series of guest posts about change has ended. 

I would like to thank all my lovely blogger friends who wrote gave their perspectives for us to understand, and colored our minds with shades of their own to form a beautiful landscape of thoughts..

And, like I said in my introductory post about this series, we have a winner.
Without any doubt, she is one of the finest writers on my blogroll, and her post on my blog is one of the top posts recently. So, we have a clear winner: the lovely Kay, she writes at Loud Silence.
Congrats, you really deserve this!

Kay: Please e-mail me, for every winner deserves a prize! 

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