November 1, 2010

Already gone!!

I didn't even realize it, October's gone. 
A whole month flew away and I didn't even come to know how or when or where! 
Well, time's flying fast- very fast.

Now, a little thing that I do every month!

Feeling: little happy, little worried, little surprised.. a complicated mixture of feelings I am!

Loving: having a nice day out with my friend.
Reading: nothing.. gotta go book shopping asap
Wanting: to go shopping, but.. funds ..
Dreaming: of being with him, quite the same answer always
Having: fruit biscuits, that my friend brought for me!
Waiting: to get started!

How about you all?


  1. Feeling: restless
    Loving: potential
    Reading: River Cross My Heart by Breena Clarke
    Dreaming: of success in new ventures
    Having: seemingly a lack of time to do it all (with coffee and toast) :)
    Waiting: "To get started!"

    I do think I remember this before... and love it! :))

    Happy November!

  2. Feeling: a little worried. I feel like my bf has been distant for the past two weeks and he's been out of town, too.

    Loving: my Halloween memories

    Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (again)

    Wanting: to have a fun date with the bf

    Dreaming: of Thanksgiving food and family time

    Having: coffee with whipped cream

    Waiting: to hear back from publishing houses


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