September 30, 2010

It's here, again!

I saw this picture today morning, and it made me happy. Being at home, without any routine, I had lost track of dates and didn't realize it's October! Wow, it's already October, My favorite month :o) I think I have told you the same thing earlier, last October. Don't remember, Go see here!

Plus, it's gonna be a good day and a good weekend. I'm planning a trip with my cousin, and I'm gonna forget every damn thing for at least these two days, and I'm going to have fun, roam around, click pictures, do all that makes me happy, and not worry a bit about any other thing!


Now, like every month, a little update:

Feeling: Abandoned

Loving: The internet-my Saviour
Reading: Blogs
Wanting: A happy weekend, and a big break
Dreaming: of running away
Having: Tea
Waiting: for the evening, when my weekend starts

How about you, lovelies?
Have a Happy weekend.


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