October 10, 2010

Guest Blogger: Kay

i’ll keep my window open

i wish
i had the power
to change it all,
opening my window
mother nature
hears my call
to mild
than cold,
she alters the perception
of all of us out of control
yet as the wind
blows through my pain
she whispers her secrets
in vain
as she bares no special powers
the earth turns not to her avail
she has no more control
than i or you
we must all just take it
day into night
night into storms
ask not the questions
nor expect the answers
for once we have sought what
we seek
the universe alters
changing all of which we speak of
all of which we grow accustomed
becomes nothing more than a mutter
a breeze that passes through
beyond our wise years
beyond our wildest dreams
we can not change the moment
nor the past or future
i’ll keep my window open
in hopes one day she whispers

‘this year,
something more
than the seasons
will change


  1. oh that last whisper is just a little bit painful....

  2. last whisper is a promise? A warning? Love to you!

  3. So very good. Something more is what we live for.

  4. Beautiful.....what do you want to change? Whatever it is I know you can make it happen.
    .......:-) Hugs

  5. that was stouter than Garret's Snuff.

  6. this is exceptional.. great stuff. Simply love when you say
    "yet as the wind
    blows through my pain
    she whispers her secrets
    in vain"

    I still go by the saying be the change you want to see in this world and I thought it's ur other blog and said happy birthday to the blog owner.

  7. brilliant writing... beautifully written


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