October 10, 2010

Countdown begins.... Well, not really

1 week
0 excitement

No suspense, Next Sunday is my birthday, if that's important anyhow.
Because to me it's not.
I'm feeling even worse than last year.
No friends, well maybe by then 2-3 may drop in but still.. I don't find the thought any helpful right now.
No one around, with whom I would feel happy that day.
And I am not even sure who all will be there.
It might just end up as a crap day full of relatives visiting as it is Dussehra- a festival that day.
I'm gonna miss a lot of people that day, my besties,, who have now headed off in different directions. Life.
And this whole idea of birthday isn't even thrilling anymore, maybe that's a part of growing up or whatever.
Aaaargh! I am so angry today, fuming red, now puffed eyes by the end of day. Can't even breathe normally.
Guess, it's just a bad day today. Ya, it is. FML.

Oh, and btw, Happy 10-10-10.


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