September 25, 2010


Hi all,
I know I have been away lately, but there's a lot going on thats keeping me occupied and consumed by end of day. Will update on that once things settle down a bit. Please bear with me ..

Meanwhile I have been tagged by Jeanne from Stuck in a dumb gaze.
And now I have to answer 8 questions.

1. Are you a shoe, hat, bag or 'other' person? 
I am a shoe-bag person. Die for them!

2. What is your favourite meal/food memory?
Kulche with my friend after our classes..

3. What is the best holiday destination?
I think it would be Paris.

4. What is your favourite thing to do outside of work/school?
I love to click pictures.

5. What is something you would like to do before you die?
See Niagara Falls

6. What does your no-fail outfit look like?
Jeans with simple Tee

7. What is the one TV show you can't live without?
Not a TV person now

8. If you were a pie, what flavour would you be?
Cutie pie :o)

Now I tag you:


  1. paris sounds wonderful :)
    thanks for the tag! i've been busy so i'll post it as soon as possible :)

  2. I love this! Thank you for tagging me!

  3. Thank u....i have so much to write!! C ya!!

  4. very cute!


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