September 20, 2010

Guest Blogger: Laura

hi, all! i'm laura marie from a diary of little things and curiosities... first, a big thank you to DT for having me! and second, of course, a few words on change:

change. it's is a funny thing, isn't it? 

as with love, we're never quite sure how we feel about it, are we? depending on the day, depending on our frame of mind, depending on where we are or who we're with or whether we're feeling content in that moment, sometimes we fear it. or sometimes we seek it. or sometimes we flat out reject it. and other times, of course, we absolutely crave it.

personally, i've always leaned toward the craving side of things. it's all part of being a writer, i suppose: i'm constantly racking my imagination for ideas, dreaming of different moments and different realities. i lust after a year in paris, or a year in new york--a new job, a new hairstyle, a new pair of shoes. if i had it my way, life would be one constant makeover, new and fresh each and every day.

... actually, though, isn't life that way as it is? at least, on a smaller sort of scale? we're never quite the same as we were the day before. we have a new tiny bit of knowledge or a new attitude or maybe even a new sense of ourselves that we lacked yesterday. we're victims--or is it oh-so-fortunate recipients?--of constant, compelling change.

what a lovely little comfort that is. 

*photo from my flickr

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