August 7, 2010

Monthly Update : Aug '10

It's been a long time since I last did this one!

Feeling: Nostalgic and Helpless
Loving: weekend and back-to-back movies
Reading: At first sight
Wanting: Shopping, going home, being with him
Dreaming: of getting out of here and finding a direction to follow, right direction
Having: Noodles with orange juice
Waiting: to get a clue about what to do next.

What about you dearies?


  1. hmmm..
    loving.. the long weekend.
    lovving.. the thought of a 4day week next week..
    lovving... my boyfriend.

  2. Feeling: Tired.

    Loving: Time with my sister before she leaves for Europe.

    Reading: Bone Worship

    Wanting: full-time editorial assistant position in a children's book publishing group

    Dreaming: see above

    Having: black tea with lemon & honey

    Waiting: for confidence.


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