August 19, 2010

Mature Love

"Mature love"
What does this term mean? 
I am a bit confused about it. 
Can anyone help me with that?

The reason I have brought it up is that, I and my roommate were talking on some random things, and somehow landed on this term, for which she was explaining something that I just didn't seem to follow. I mean, I have always pictured love to be silly, crazy, and things like that. (Maybe the credit goes to all fiction that I read.) But, seriously, I have always felt that it's important to be young at heart, being crazy, ready to fight for and take risks for the one you love. Allowing the course of life to settle in romance, giving way to responsibilities to come and disturb the sweetness of life is something I never ever supported. 

But, talking to her, it was like a whole new side to it. Something that I maybe never thought of. I think she didn't mean that one should stop being silly, the point she was trying to make was (I think I'm right) that whether we want or not, situations come up, life moves on, responsibilities have to be taken. And, thus it requires more patience and cooperation. Don't know what should I say about it, kind of speechless I am, because I am not even sure if I got her right. But, a part of me tells me that she was right. A higher level of understanding - non-complaining, non-demanding should be there I guess. But, I wonder if this was what she actually meant to say. I am still as confused as I was while talking to her, and she couldn't help me in that. I get really dumb at times.. Can you help me??

In this whole long conversation, one thing I got to learn about her, that she is far better a person than I thought she was. It feels good to know a person, who's so supportive, understanding, patient, and every damn good thing to the love of her life. I must say, he's one lucky man! And, somehow I am looking up to her, wishing to learn from her and getting the good qualities she has ... :o) tough job though, I think!


  1. Well, I googled "what does the term mature love mean" to see what it had to say and I think I got a pretty good answer!

    The website is It reads: Definition: Mature love is the type of love you see in long-term marriages. When you are together because you want to be together and not because you need to be with one another, you have a mature love.
    Signs of mature love include acceptance, emotional support, commitment, calmness, respect, caring, kindness, friendship, and consideration.

    "Love is a moment and a lifetime. It is looking at him across a room and feeling that if I don't spend the rest of my life with him, I'll have missed the boat.
    Love is working together, laughing together, growing together. It is respect for each other and the people each cares about, however difficult it is sometimes to like his kinfolk or his friends.

    Love is wanting to shout from the rooftops the successes, little and big of one another. Love is wanting to wipe away the tears when failure comes.

    Love is liking the feel of each other. It is wanting to have children together because they are the exclamation point of love.

    Love is laughter, especially in the middle of a quarrel."
    Source: Liz Carpenter, Getting Better All the Time

    I think that's a beautiful explanation, right or wrong :)

  2. Mature love, to me, is a commitment. It means loving someone when you don't really feel like or when it would be difficult. It means both parties self-sacrificing in a true way. It can still be silly and goofy, but when the time call for determination and staying true to promises, that is what one does.

  3. Mature love..
    it means commitment,patience,care concern everything you can think of..
    But it doesnt means serious stuff...mature love also have pampering,cuddle,care,innocence,naughty..everything
    which is need for love m not saying about relationship..its all about love..
    for me love means mature ..for you its something else..for other..n no. of reason of love n for love.....

    But the truth is how mature you are or how kiddish you are..most imp factor or i can say deeply,


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