August 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I don't know why, but I am not feeling good. Maybe, I kno why. But that's not the point. Point is, I should not be feeling like this. There's nothing bad or sad happened to me. Things, though hectic, but are going fine.
But, even then, I feel like quitting this job and going back home. When I think of the idea practically, it's not feasible. I mean what would I do after this? Study again? Again prepare for entrance exams? That's not something I really want to do. Then what? Sitting idle at home, surfing internet to find something that would interest me someday. Too risky!! In the end, my practical mind tells me I should stay here, continue with work, have experience, blah blah, it's just a phase that will pass etc etc. But. My heart still doesn't agree. I want to go, back to my home. Most of the times I find myself questioning myself, 'What are you doing here?' and I get no answer to that!

What to do! What to do! What to do!

1 comment:

  1. I myself being from software field , i can understand your feelings ..but start enjoying your work..take it as a challenge..Since you are creative, you may find your interest in it once you start taking it as challenge.
    If you still get bored , search for new friends, go for movies...That's what I do.


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