August 12, 2010

At first sight

Today I finished reading this book, At first sight, and when I finished I was in tears. Those who have read this book might understand me. It was really heart-breaking towards the end. I can't even think of loosing the ones I love. It's a bad bad thing and I wish it never happens to anyone. Never. The book was good, but I hate it for its end. The only good it did was to remind me, how lucky I am to have my loved ones with me, and I wish all of them remain with me, healthy and safe. If ever anyone has to go, I would want it to be me! I'm thankful for this reminder. In the race of life, we tend to overlook the important and special things of life.

Just after I finished the book, and got myself to composure, my hands went for my wallet on their own, to reach for the letter, the only letter he has given me ever. I did not even read it, having it in my hands I realized how much I am missing him here. My eyes again filled up, but it's no point getting sad and crying, for I know it's a matter of few months or years, and then he'll be back.

It's just that I miss him, a lot

1 comment:

  1. oh my, i thought i've followed you yesterday, until i realize i haven't! thx for following and the kind comment, DT :D i'm excited when i read ur comment!!

    it's so sweet to know you keep your little letter w/ you in the wallet so tht you'll bring it wherever you go. aww. i hope i'll be able to do that, one day....


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