July 20, 2010

Monday Blues??

Many times, across so many blogs, and articles, I have read about Monday Blues. But today I wonder if it is true for me.. Is it? No. Because I am having the 'Monday Blues' every day of week. Past whole month is practically 'blue' for me.
1. Hectic long hours at work
2. Even more hectic long travelling hours
3. Hunt for a house
4. No rest, even on weekends
5. Stressed all time

Tired of this, I hope things get settled real soon now.


  1. Things will get better!! Keep your head up. Sending you a hug! xo

  2. Where are you currently living ? And what do you do for work? You always seem so far away... :( Hope things get better

  3. Try yoga :) :) sleep well.. it will help :)

  4. Same here. I've been in a mellow mood for weeks now. I don't know why it suddenly happened because I think my life is just fine. But this "blue" mood just won't go away....


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