June 21, 2010

Breaking the silence . .

Hey lovelies,

How have you all been? It's been so long since I last even visited my own blog. 

First of all, Thank you Tegan for tagging me, I mean my Blog!

I know folks, I have been away for like ages. But, I do have a reason for that. I am not having internet!!!
My training got over and I was put into another training at a new location. Now after this training gets over, I'll be shifted to a new location. With every location, I have to shift my living place, so I couldn't get Internet connection. I hope I get a permanent location soon, 'cause I am dying without internet. Plus, my job doesn't give me tme to go out for accessing internet. Today, I got a little time, and I have rushed in!

Keep reading lovelies,
I'll keep writing!


  1. Good to see you! Sounds crazy, hope it slows down to a more permanent location soon.

  2. Wow, your life seems so hectic right now. Sorry, and i hope things settle down soon.


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