May 21, 2010

You judge me!?

“It doesn’t take much 
to look at a person and 
see how they dress, look, and walk- 
to judge. 
It takes much more 
to go up to that person and 
find out who they are, 
see how’s their heart works and 
to know what to feel. 
People judge everyone 
because it’s the easiest way 
and don’t want to bother with anything else; 
these are the ones that don’t have any true friends.”


  1. So true. I try not to judge people, you miss out on great people!

  2. I love the "see how their heart works" line. It jumped out at me and I love it now.

  3. This is so true.
    And I would love to be the kind of person that could get to know everyone, minus first impression judgments.


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