May 27, 2010

Some things I want to do

I'm having a really tight schedule, stressing work that drains me out of all energy, strength and determination, But there are a few things I want to take out time for.
1. Regular exercising to stay fit.
2. Reading.
3. Staying up-to-date with current affairs.
4. Have proper diet.
5. Learn some dancing.
6. Take care of my skin.
7. Keep in touch with all friends and family, plus my blog-world as well.

I hope I'd be able to take out some time and save a little energy, and manage things well.


  1. I want all these too... but I am swamped at the moment.

  2. Good luck with it all!!! Wow after reading the list again I realised I want all those things too.

  3. cute picture...
    and even i want to do everything thats in the list!


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