April 16, 2010

I need to follow this!

"Don't put 
all your eggs 
in one basket."


  1. Being the picky pickler that I am, I can't help but wonder what the alternative is?
    So I'm at the farmers market and I've just bought two dozen eggs to make macaroons and iles flottantes.
    Hold on a second! How did the expression go? Oh right, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

    Eeep! Ok, I can do this!
    Lets see, I can fit two eggs in my dress's front pocket, and another four in the side pockets...
    Why is the egg lady scowling at me? It's only been four minutes...
    I can fit six in my purse- drat! I dropped one.
    Judging from the way the egg lady is looking at me, I'm guessing she won't give me anther egg. Oh well.
    So that's six in my purse... I'll put six in my basket... I'll carry three in my free hand... And I guess I'll just have to put the last two under my hat.
    Ok scowly egg lady I'm going, I'm going already. It's not as if people were queuing up behind me- oh wait they are! Sorry people.
    Alright time to get going... I feel like I'm carrying nitroglycerin. I must be walking funny because people are staring.
    Good grief, what happens if I sneeze!
    Oh! Hello cat, aren't you a handsome- no don't rub against my... Whoa.. Whoa.. Aaaah! SPLAT.

  2. i love your sweet little blog, and that adorable picture of eggs.

    xoxox happy weekend!

  3. We all could use a dose of that. Especially one so cute. ;-)


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