April 8, 2010

Being a busy bee!

Hi dearies,
   How are you all? Having fun? I hope you do.
I am fine too. It's not really much fun, but yes, I have got a nice bunch at work to hang around with. And as a result, we don't study like we should, and keep laughing all day, so much till our stomach starts hurting and eyes start watering. Funny no? Because this seems like I am having a lot of fun. But, even with all of this going around, I constantly feel a void inside. I miss my old life so much. It's not that I don't like this. I am actually loving this, but I just wish how good it'd be if I could still be with family and friends around..I just miss them so much. I want to go home, even if it means just seeing them all for once.
   Woooaa..! I'm getting so emo!! Mood swings I must say.

And I also miss my followers, I lost four of them .. And that made me so sad. Very very sad.


  1. Hope you are haning in there. Brighter days will come, I promise. :)

  2. hello darling!
    I am happy that you have found those to whom you can laugh with! I am sorry to hear you lost followers. I know my presance has been sparce, but I have taken much time to search my soul and make some changes, please do stop by and read about them. I wish you much love and happiness, but most importantly that you find within you what it takes to fill the void, it may be a simple or complex as loving oneself!

    Sassy Chica

  3. Don't be sad! It's the weekend!!

  4. Well you haven't lost me!! I am here to stay ,,, love your sweet blog!! Enjoy your weekend! XO


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