March 31, 2010

This thing called Life!

Today I got my first salary. My first salary ever. I should be happy, like I had thought. But I am not. I AM NOT HAPPY. I feel empty. I have the money, but no one to celebrate with. Nobody with me to share it. I don't want all money in the world, if it has to come like this. What's the point turning into ATM machines, generating money, but no one there to count on. No one to care for. No one to smile for. No one to listen to. This is not what life is. No it is not life at all. It's just making a living, but forgetting to live!

I am missing my family. My home. Where we'd party over every little possible thing. I miss my mom and dad so very much. I miss my brother and sister, I wish I was with them and they pestering me to treat them. I just miss them so much. I want to go to them, spend all of my salary on them. Please God, send me home soon.

I miss my friends, if they were here, we would have been celebrating today. I'd have been happy, 'cause they would have been happy for me and celebrating it with me.

I miss my best friend. I wish I could share this with him, spend time with him. Maybe then, this would have been a happiness.


  1. I am sure they miss you too and that they would want to share this big important moment with you. Don't be sad.

  2. They miss you too. Just get through this!
    I hope you have a lovely day & feel better.


  3. aww, I love you! I am happy for you! Send them letters and little gifts! that should make you feel better and congratulations on your first salary!

  4. Not that it's any consolation but I know exactly how you feel and I'm sure many people do. It's difficult when you set out on your own. You're probably feeling a lot of mixed emotions and I assure you that they're all normal! I wish I could reach through this computer screen and give you a great big hug because I have a feeling you could really use one of those right now. The sentiment's there if it helps. Congratulations on this momentous occasion. I'm sure your family and friends are very proud of you! =]

  5. Congrats on ur first salary!! & hey... we r all there for u... always!!! love ya swthrt!


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