March 18, 2010


Hi lovelies,
How are you, and how's everything else in life going?
Well, I think I am writing this one too soon, but, never mind! I just had time today, as my test got postponed and thus I am feeling bit relaxed. But, it will happen next week. Alas! (I'm such a procrastinator.) 
Life's got very hectic and busy, plus tiring. Every day I get up at 7 AM, go to office, come back after 7 PM. And its goes on the same way daily. I get so tired by the end of day that the only thing I can think of is going to my bed. I can't even study, which is very important.
Leaving that aside, I want to explore and move about this place. I feel that since we have got the chance to be here, why not take advantage of the chance. But my friend who's staying with me here isn't very supportive in this case. So, I end up being in the room only!
Well, now I'm gonna sign off and study a bit. I had a test today and didn't score well. So I'm worried now. I hope I do well in others.


  1. Good luck on studying. Hope everything goes well for you. :)
    Have a lovely day.


  2. I totally get the tired thing, I work a lot too and I'm feeling it. Tell you friend to stop being silly, or just go out by yourself and have an adventure - that's what I'd do. Study hard!

  3. You'll be fine. Good luck with studying, we all need that :)

  4. Studying sucks! I really hate it, courswork is so much easier & most of all its fast work. Think positive going into them & you will do okay! Good luck. :]


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