March 28, 2010

Hello lovelies, 
How are you?
How's life treating you?
I hope, good.
Well, I am fine. Sort of adjusted with the city and people, adjustment with food will take time I guess.
I love going to work, but at end of day I feel like adding few more hours to the day to have more sleep and to fit in many more things that I want to do but can't. I think, I need to manage my time really well since the option for adding hours is not available to me.
The only bad thing here is the mood swings. Being alone at this new place, without family and friends, without anyone to care for me, it gets difficult (emotionally). I just miss all of them so so so much! I'm waiting for the time when I can take some days off and go home for a while. Till then, I'm being strong!
I have a very important test today, so I'll sign off now. 
Wish me luck !
Have a happy Monday!


  1. Good luck!
    My life is currently not so interesting, but I'm hoping to change that :)

  2. fingers crossed for your exam!

    everything will hopefully get easier with the more time you spend there :) x


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