January 31, 2010

February update

Feeling: Happy
Loving: the weather.
Reading: 2 states
Wanting: lots of shopping.
Dreaming: of having a great memorable month.
Having: oranges.
Waiting: to start my job.

What about you guys?


  1. I want some shopping, too! Woo, hoo! lol. ;)

  2. Feeling: tired
    Loving: that the days get longer again
    Reading: jodie picoult
    Wanting: a nice black bag (and a lot of shopping :-)!)
    Dreaming: to get the job
    Having: a lot of snow outside
    Waiting: to get an answer from the company

  3. ohyay! it's effy! <333

    Feeling: poetic
    Loving: my laundry is being cleaned
    Reading: blue bloods by melissa de la cruz
    Wanting: those 200$ outfits i spotted yesterday... I saw the prettiest things. ; ;
    Dreaming: of getting accepted in university
    Having: issues with the ink for my portfolio selection prints.
    Waiting: to know the status of part 2 of my university application.

  4. Feeling: slow

    Loving: the sun

    Reading: books on publishing

    Wanting: to exercise more

    Dreaming: of love

    Having: oranges, too!

    Waiting: for clarity

  5. Feeling: Happy

    Loving: my boys

    Reading: Love Walked in

    Wanting: A vacation

    Dreaming: of Bora Bora

    Having: oranges

    Waiting: for a uterus to rent

  6. Ow this is so much fun.

    Feeling: Bubbly and Floaty
    Loving: fruit pearl tea
    Reading: War and Peace
    Wanting: To pop the bubble and get back to real life
    Dreaming: of serene blue sea
    Having: too many minds in the head
    Waiting: for an end to all this monkey business

  7. Feeling: tired.

    Loving: john krasinski.

    Reading: the princess bride.

    Wanting: lots of shopping.

    Dreaming: of genie.

    Having: homework.

    Waiting: for the semester to be over.


  8. Feeling: Exhausted

    Loving: my classes

    Reading: Twelfth night

    Wanting: to do well in all my upcoming assessments

    Dreaming: of getting all my goals for this month accomplished

    Having: a lovely vintage trunk !

    Waiting: to get my NEW MAC!

  9. oh love this...hmmm all i want is the weekend to come already!

  10. Feeling: anxious

    Loving: blog land

    Reading: bonk & fire bell in the night

    Wanting: motivation

    Dreaming: for the answers

    Having: coffee

    Waiting: to hit 'post comment'

    want to compare days??? :)

  11. Feeling: Creative

    Loving: Reading

    Reading: April Fools Day- for the bazillionth time

    Wanting: a can of COKE!!!

    Dreaming: of Europe...one day.

    Having: cornflakes

    Waiting: to start my job. - ditto!!


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