January 3, 2010

Love remains the same

"A thousand times I've seen you standing.
Gravity like lunar landing.
You make me wanna run till I find you.
I shut the world away from here.
I drift to you, you're all I hear.
As everything we know fades to black.

Half the time the world is ending.
Truth is I am done pretending.

I never thought that I had anymore to give.
You're pushing me so far, here I am without you.
Drink to all that we have lost, mistakes we have made.
Everything will change, but love remains the same

I find a place where we escape.
Take you with me for the space.
The city buzz sounds just like a fridge.
I walk the streets through 7 bars.
I have to find just where you are.
The faces seem to blur.
They're all the same.

So much more to say, so much to be done.
Don't you trick me out.
We shall overcome.
It's all left still to play.

We could have had the sun, could have been inside.
Instead we're over here.

Half the time the world is ending.
Truth is I am done pretending.
Too much time too long defending.
You and I are done pretending.

I, oh I,
I wish this could last forever.
I, oh I,
As if this could last forever."

Love remains the same.


  1. a walk to remember! o my...i love love love this movie. especially that part where she sings Only Hope...

  2. most awesome movie ever! have to watch it again and soon.

  3. beautiful! - great movie, such a weepy - but i love it! xx

  4. I have a love- hate relationship with that film!! I can never not watch it but then it leaves me in such a state..

  5. I hate "A Walk to Remember". Watched it once and never wanna watch it again. Too cliche nad cheesy :p My personal opinion of course, oops....

    But the song! It's perfect! I'm into Gavin Rossdale. And this particular song rocks. Can't get enough of it.


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