January 27, 2010

I don't know what to say

Today I went to salon for head and neck massage, as I was having tense shoulders and was feeling heavy headed. The person who did my head massage was too good at his job. Some time later, while talking to him, I realized that he's blind. Actually, he told that he's blind. He was so good at his work that I couldn't have judged it otherwise. I was really shocked when he said, and it has made me so sad. He had done Ph.D. in acupressure, and after studying so much, he was still at this job. I mean, if his eyes would have been alright, he would have been at a better career position and earning far better. Life is so unfair to some. I still feel so bad whenever I think of him. I wish I could do something to help him, but I don't know what.

I had once seen a movie similar to this (At first sight),
and coincidently, before going to salon I got a random thought of that movie.
Such a coincidence!

I am a short-sighted person, and I always feel bad that I can't see like normal people, that I have to use lenses for clear vision. But, I don't know what to feel now.


  1. I'm short sighted too... and I hate watching tv with my glasses on. It makes me feel like I need help to watch the tv when I should just be able to see it anyway. I'm a photographer too and it makes me so sad knowing I can't see sights properly, and really appriciate sunsets and such. I hear contact lenses are really expensive, and no way could I save up for laser surgery yet, so I'm stuck with it :/

  2. I cannot see anything really without my glasses. It really makes me think about people who are blind. This story did also remind me of At First Sight which is a great movie. I know you wish you could get him the life changing procedure like in the movie--but maybe he would not want to change anything. Maybe we sees the world through his hands and is in love with life and the work he does helping other people. Even though some may think he cannot see their joy--he can feel it.

  3. Its really sad.... i mean ppl with disability should be given the same oppurtunities as normal ppl...because they are better than us!!

  4. wow. this post really touched my heart.

    it's such a humbling realization when you become aware of a person with a disability.

    thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for posting this.... it made me reflect on experiences I have had, and even things I take for granted. xo


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