January 29, 2010

Guest post: Healing a broken heart

A sweet and very talented fellow blogger of mine, Aury, has agreed to do a guest post on my blog. I loved her idea of artist's retreat, which I have saved to do after I finish with my studies. You should also check out her blog.
Aury is an 18 year old college girl who blogs about fashion,lifestyle and discovering your inner creative spirit on her blog An Ordinary Girl’s World: Fashion, Love, Life. She loves bows, butterflies and sunny days.
This post is a lyrical summary about how she’s been feeling ever since one of the most magical nights of her life. For the full story, check out her blog.

Healing a broken heart

Photo from : dond_sta_el_amor

It's like a stab wound in my heart.
The next time I saw you it hurt so bad I thought

I would die.

But I didn't.

And now,  every time I see you it hurts less and less.

And one day,

it won't hurt at all.


  1. Thank you DT!
    It was great guest posting for you!

  2. So pretty! <3 Love the words, and the sentiment.

  3. Sometimes things are just best said simply. Like this.

  4. AAWWWWW! Loves you girlie!!! Keep writing and expressing that inner self which is so beautiful and inspiring to all who you had encountered, have encountered and will continue to encounter!!

  5. Oh Aury, this post only made me adore you even more. Your words are so fluttery and romantic - j'adore!! :)


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