December 15, 2009

Facebook and ME!

Weird relation, isn't it?

But, I am seriously obsessed with Facebook now days.
Not because of chatting or messaging,
but because of 4 applications by Zynga games.
Here, I am listing them in order of preference (by me of course)
1. Cafe World
2. Pet Ville
3. Farm Ville
4. Fish Ville

Initially, I started these application when my brother made me do so, just as he could have one more neighbor for himself in these games. I didn't really care to visit these applications till the day I was really unwell and was in bed all day. So, to kill time, I started these, and now I just can't stop. Especially Cafe World. I just love this virtual cafe of mine :)
But, sadly, it ( along with my farm, fish and pet) is taking much of my time which I should be putting into other important things!
'I need to stop', I tell myself but I am usually thinking of what time the food will be cooked in my virtual cafe so that I go and serve it to my customers. What time my crop will ripen so that I go and harvest it. I know, this all sound so childish and stupid, but this is how it is these days. Hope I get a bit bored of this all! 


  1. I do love facebook too.. Kinda addict into it too. but im not into application.

  2. thanks for the follow :)

    but ahhh facebook! how i love it so. im on it way too much. im very proud of myself though because i, like you was on farmville wayyy to much. so i finally stopped checking it and let my crops die. haha.

  3. Farmville is great. Even though I don't play it anymore (I have blogging to keep my totally busy), I still appreciate it.

  4. Ahhh, no! I am so addicted to the Social Interview application on there!

  5. Hey why dont you come alone Mafai Wars and Texas Hold'em Poker....both of them rock!! .... :)

  6. I am a facebook addicted person too, it's horrible! I play the same games and love cafe world and farm ville the most, fish and pet ville get boring with the time so I play happy aquarium too

  7. wow it used to be addicting for me but lately i guess i have been more addicted to blogging. cute blog!

  8. haha this made me smile - i only just weened myself off scrabble on facebook, its addictive and hours pass and i'm like - oh god!! just found your blog - i love it! x


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