December 30, 2009

Bye 2009

   I am sorry to say, but I hate you.
   And it's not my fault.
   You have been very harsh on me, since the very start.
   You broke both my feet.
   You took away my friends, (so called friends now.)
   You messed up all my plans.
   You have made me a useless unemployed person.
   You made me put on so much weight.
   You made me feel so lonely.
   You were just too bad.
   You took a lot from me.
   I really really hate you.
   Go away.
   Don't come back again, ever!


  1. I hated 2009 too. It took alot from me as well especially friends. 2010 tho is coming soon. Brand new start. I'm trying so hard to hold my head up high. It won't be back. Feel better girl. Cyber *Hugs*

  2. I hated it too....the worst year ever... but hope for a better tommorow... everything will be forgotten soon with the new day... everything will be fine again.... Happy new year 2010. :)

  3. totally agree, so glad when 2009 is gone, wish you the best for 2010!

  4. I hope the new year is fantastic for you! Happy New Year, DT!

  5. I am so with you - 2009 was a bust! At least it's over - wishing you lots of happiness this year!

  6. But those people really mean to us who made us suffer !


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