November 7, 2009

To MY Gang Of Girls

This is the article I read in newspaper.
I couldn't help but quote the whole of it here for my lovelies.



I  love them. I share every smile and tear with them and quite frankly my life would be less meaningful without them. I am referring to my ‘gang of girls’, the wonderful group of four friends, who make my every day and everything I do so much more exciting and memorable!
As with most things, the relationship that we girls share with our friends, is hugely different from the way boys connect. Having seen both types of relationships, I have to admit that I am so glad (among a million other reasons) to be a part of the fairer sex... we just have so much more fun! So, in continuation of the Sister Series and in recognition of every ‘gang of girls’ in the universe, I’m penning some reasons why this special collection of friends makes life so... well... special! 
  • With the girls... no pretence is needed. You can just be who you really are... bad hair days, cellulite, runny noses et all. That’s why they love you and vice versa. You can share your deepest secrets... the latest crush, your true weight, an embarrassing moment... they’ll never judge you.  
  • This is your very own fan club. They will cheer you on in good times and in bad with shinny pom poms and a special song included! 
  • Distance, geographies never hamper these relationships. They can discuss the same TV show while sitting in two different cities or can chat until the wee hours of the night as if they were having a sleepover! 
  • They can be brutally honest... but only because they care about you enough to tell you the truth... even when you don’t want to hear it! 
  • You never need a reason to hang out with them... painting your nails is also a good enough reason! 
  • The girls will understand that a wardrobe crisis or the need to wash your hair is a perfectly justifiable reason for being late!  
  • When you call them... you never need to ask if they have a minute to talk... For you, they will and vice versa! 
  • They don’t need wi-fi, bluetooth, SMS or the internet to connect... a simple knowing glance will do the trick! Girl Power! 
  • Their shoulders can carry the heaviest loads with no complaints... from your unstoppable tears to a box full of chocolates and ice-cream! 
  • These girls mean having a larger... wardrobe, shoe collection, make-up room... almost like having a multi-brand mall at your disposal! 
  • They are like your sisters, but you get to choose them! Which means they’re with you with no duties to the rest of your family! 
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired to take time out today to reach out to my friends and show them just how special they are to me!
And I dedicate it to my gang of girls!


  1. Reading this has made me smile from ear to ear ^_^

  2. so i am basically obsessed with your blog. it's incredible. and i love it.

  3. all the points mentioned are really true!! all of them....! our "VERD" gang-of-girls is rocking!! :P

  4. Its all the same for Boys-boys and Boys-girl gangs.... except for the part where it says... Distant relationship dont work!! Absolutely true!!


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