September 30, 2009

Happy New Month!

I love October!

It is my favorite month. Maybe because it is the month in which I was born.. That means, my birthday is approaching. And I am so happy and excited for that. Also, this year the festival of Diwali is also on the same date as of my birthday; which means, whole country will celebrate my birthday! (Sounds great..) The only thing I don't like about this is that there will be no birthday party this year, as festival means being at home with family and relatives. So, friends will have to wait for treat. I, somehow, enjoy birthday parties only when on the same day as of birthday. Otherwise I get a feeling of just another get-together, nothing special! Anyways, I am excited like a little child for my birthday, especially for the gifts :p Let's see if I get any this year! Jokes apart, the thing that i enjoy the most is the company of my loved ones and my friends, which is not going to be possible this year. My best friend will also not be here, as she is leaving for her job in two days. I'll miss her a lot, and thinking that she'll be gone in next two days makes my heart sink.. From the love and friendship side, I will be kind of lonely on this birthday, but, for a change, after many years I'll be celebrating birthday at home. I am just looking forward to a good day! 
What's most exciting thing for you about your birthday?


  1. I too love October! It is definitely my favourite month. My birthday is in May, though. I don't really celebrate. In fact, I don't think I have celebrated my birthday or any birthday for that matter in a number of years. The day just kind of passes like any other day, except with a bunch of "happy birthday" messages on facebook which is okay by me.

  2. Happy October 1st!
    I know exactly what you mean about not enjoying birthday parties unless they are on the same day as the actual birthday. I get that feeling about holidays all the time; they can only be rightly celebrated on that day.
    I do love October, and hopefully it'll be lovely and cool all the way through.

  3. sometimes a simple birthday with just a few loved ones (family) is great way to start a new year...HAPPY BIRTHDAY (early) to you! :)

  4. Yes the month of fav festival!! well dont be gonna be ok.... God gave us Cellphones to talk to our near and dear ones all day long (unless they are not busy) !!


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