September 17, 2009

Where was I ?

Its been almost two weeks since I had last posted here. And I can't even figure out why I was not posting! I wasn't sad or upset. I wasn't much busy. Maybe, I can blame it upon the slow internet! Also, on my reading, which kept me engrossed. Well! Let's say that was a good break..

I think I should update a bit about where I had been and what I have been doing all these days...
- ONE DAY WITH A FRIEND: We went to a mall, watched a movie, did little shopping, driving, and lots of chatting!
- FAMILY TIME: It was enjoyable to be with mom-dad and fighting with my siblings.
- READING BOOKS: I am really happy when I am reading!
- CLEAN UP: I cleaned up my room and cupboard. Finally!
- WRITING: A little writing in diary, and few greetings for someone!
Besides, I took my medicines and did my usual foot exercises, because walking properly again is the only thing I wish right now!


  1. I'm glad your back! (was wondering where you went to...)

    What books are you reading?

  2. ahhh reading and writing :)
    lovely pasttimes
    beautiful picture..very dreamlike


  3. haha fighting with siblings. I love it. I consider my sister and I best friends but we're so hot and cold. I call them "sister fights" when we get irritated with each other and don't talk for a couple of weeks :)

  4. Eid Mubarak to you too!
    You sound like you've been having fun--or maybe that's my sorry idea of fun lol

  5. atlast u manage to write smthing hmmm..
    nice one..:)


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