August 20, 2009

When no one is around

I was going through The secret society of list addicts, and found this one interesting, and so I'm stealing the idea.

Here are a few of the things that I like to do when no one is watching.

1. TALK: I talk to myself, continuously, about every big and little thing. It might sound funny, but give it a try. Its a wonderful feeling being your own friend!

2. MIRRORING: I look into the mirror and makes the funniest faces myself, or adore myself sometimes when I am looking good. It helps me being happy in both cases, and I enjoy doing that!

3. SING-DANCE: I am very bad at singing, but when no one is around I can sing to the top of my volume without fearing any embarrassment, and I also dance like crazy to my stupid tunes!

4. MAKEUP: I hardly wear any make up when I go out, but I try it when alone and its really too funny to look at myself after my artwork. But I must say, I am too bad at it!

5. WRITE: I have a diary, that I have to hide always so that no one can read it. I love writing in my diary, but I do it only when no one is nearby. I love my privacy!

What do you like to do when you are all alone by yourself?


  1. I do the same thing with makeup! I say I don't like wearing it, and part of the reason is because I'm not very good at applying it. When I'm home with just my sisters, I experiment. I'll come downstairs and Lilly will say, "Are you wearing makeup?" I'd like to think I'm getting better- but I really like my natural coloring best!

    When I am alone, I wear less than the appropriate amount of clothing. Going pants-less is my favorite. Or if I'm just in my room, I change my clothes and check myself out in my full length mirror. Sometimes I'll try a dress with sparkly jewelry- I hardly get the chance to wear it outside my room, anyway.

    For some reason I'm also quite private about lighting candles or incense in my room. If someone comes into my room, I'll blow the candles out first. I guess I don't want anyone having the chance to disapprove.

    Usually I feel silly doing yoga or exercises where other people can see, so I tend to keep that in my bedroom too.

    My diary is also pretty private. Normally I keep it locked up and make sure I'm alone before I can get the key. Because anything not locked up, my mom feels free to look through.

    This was a good post idea. :)

  2. Iim pretty creative when it comes to make up so when i'm alone i experiment with my hair...definitely can't do it in front of people!!

    also, like Heidi, i often wear minimal clothing or weird/non-matching articles. my favorite "all by my lonesome" outfit are a pair of bright pink super short victoria's secret pj shorts, a light aqua racerback tank, a pair of yellow thigh-high socks with gray/orange/white stripes at the top, and sometimes a comfy hoodie. :)

  3. Just happened to bump into your blog via another. :) Cute post, I do almost all of what you mentioned. I totally know what you mean about the mirror, haha. I used to have a flip phone that had a mirror like texture as the cover..and aaah, it was bliss. :P

  4. i guess most of d girlz do all tht stuff...

  5. I also love to talking to myself, sometimes I can carry on for a while before I notice I am doing it. I can not keep a diary..I trust no one. When I was younger I kept a diary and it was found and read; I was mortified! Since then I can not be intimate with my thoughts by writting them down in a diary. I appreicate this is raw and honest, thanks for sharing.

    Sassy Chica

  6. I eat corn who get stuck between my teeth, talk to my stuffed animals,
    try on my whole wardrobe, give up trying to dress and walk around wearing pantys matched with a hoodie or oversized t-shirt for the rest of the time.

  7. As soon as my boyfriend's out the door to work I jump into his comfy shorts and shirt, and I can finally breathe out :L
    And I have to say this; sometimes when I'm alone I will look in the mirror while listening to a song a mime it as if I'm in the video. Go ahead mock me ;)


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