August 13, 2009


Once I read a quote :
"Unlucky is the woman who has no woman friend."

And in last One year, I have realised how true it is! Men are somewhat like those fair weather mates with whom we can hang out, and have great fun and laugh. It is also possible that these times are among the best enjoyed times of our life. But, usually, there lacks something. Maybe, it is because of the boy-girl thing. In very rare cases, there is 'that' level of understanding which we can always share with our girlfriends, atleast to a great extent. Maybe because we women are, more or less, the birds of same feather. And so, this is for my loving (girl)friends for being my support and strength through every thick and thin. I feel 'lucky' because of you girls!


  1. I like this. It's true. I've been getting along fine with my four sisters and boyfriend... but sometimes I still really miss having a good girl-friend.

    -Heidi (who is also following your blog, since you were wondering.. )

  2. Hey thats a small but cute post.I loved the pic and u r sooo true. I have my best buddy called ambily.We are friends for more than 6 years now..She really understands everything and is with me in everything I do(Even in the most crappy,shitty things!!!).

  3. thanks AK and Heidi.. I too have few friends, we are like a bunch since our school.... being together in all fun and difficult times too!

  4. I completely agree... you know we (all 4 of us) are so great together! & as we've grown together, it makes it all the more precious & beautiful!! Thanks Damie!

  5. I couldn't agree more! I have a lot of close guy friends and my wonderful boyfriend, but they definitely can't fill the cute shoes of great girlfriends!

  6. ek aurat hi aurat ko samjh sakhti hai...!!:)


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