August 31, 2009

Move on !!

Last night after dinner, I made hot coffee for me and my roommate. And then we both sat down for movie "When a man loves a woman". Moments later I was the only one watching, these cellphones are such a distraction. She went to talk to her boyfriend, and I continued watching the movie. The movie was simply awesome. I always love Meg Ryan, but Andy Garcia was too good a lover. Loved him all through the movie! After this one finished, I wasn't still feeling sleepy. So I decided to see another one "Mean girls". 
Though it is not a serious movie, it made me serious. I don't know why every little thing takes me into the flashback. Its been months that I am trying to just forget that group, which was my group someday. But why it still hurts somehwere when I come across their names, or see their pictures on some social networking website. I had tried more than I should, to keep the whole thing intact, but maybe it wasn't meant to be. But then why am I not able to move ahead of that? Why I am still such a stuck up? I hate being like this, thinking of all of them for long, getting dreams about re-unions and what not! Today I came across "And my reflection troubles me" and it felt as if she had written for me. Few lines from it, I'll quote here "I lost my ex-best friend of four years, she was more of a sister than a friend. I trusted her, I would have done anything for her, anytime. She perfectly knew this and probably liked it, I was so good to her when she wasn't and when I decided that was it, I told her I couldn't take her attitude and that she changed. I spoke my mind a zillion times but nothing changed, so I dropped it and backed away. I wasn't going to let her break me harder, I was already broken. That was it. Anger couldn't take over because the hurt was dominating, I decided I should let go and that was it. I didn't plan on avenging four precious years of my life. I had no energy left to plot anything against anybody. I was broken.I really want to let it all go..

I avoid saying it but really miss those days, 
and I know they are never going to come back!


  1. Hello! Time moves so quickly, and we can just about keep up! Dont worry, life will lead you to find new experinces and happy memories. (I have deleted my facebook page, too many memories i have been dying to forget!) By the way, if we were watching When a man loves a woman I wouldnt move a muscle, phone turned off and coffee galore! One of my favourite movies!

  2. Sometimes I like to say that bad things only happen so that we appreciate the good things that come next.
    Things will get better. For both of us. :)

  3. awww.. thanks for sharingggg.. it's a great post..


  4. Daman hun, I am glad you liked my post and that you stopped by to comment!
    I know what you're going through, I've been there. It's going to be hard at first, but then one day you'll find your strength to let go of the whole thing and move on.
    "If all the world hated you, and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved you, and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends" - Helen Burns, Jane Eyre.
    believe me, you'll always find friends; people come and go!
    just be ready for new best friends xx

  5. Oh...people do come and go!
    And someday, when everyone has moved on, you will meet and it will be pretty (intense) but pretty all the same x

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  7. parting never means hatred. sometimes we just have to accept that people need to part ways for growth.

    i love your blogs. i had so much fun reading them. never a dull moment. i am just starting, check mine and feel free to leave some comments.


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