August 15, 2009

Love #0

I was watching Hans Baliye on TV. For those who don't know, it is a reality show in which real life couples perform comic acts. Today was the final between two couples. Though the act was comic, there was love in it. I want to mention the words of the winning husband,"At situations like this, people say very emotional things. But I have only I thing to say. I swear upon my kids, the only reason I wanted to win this show was that my wife was going through the low of her life and I wanted to give her a change. Change to bring her back to happiness." It was really very touching!


  1. that's so sweet. He did it for her, what a great guy.

  2. wow..that's nice.its not everyday that someone would try to win a reality show for the sweetheart..keep writing DT.

  3. That is sweet! Thanks for your comment on my blog!! Ha ha yes my hubby can be sweet... make sure you shoot for one that has a filter for the rude things too though, unlike mine! ;)


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