August 19, 2009

Hopes Hopes Hopes

Finally, I am back here and I am really happy about it. Though I miss home and family and all that care I got. I miss them a lot here, but I love being on my own, doing all by myself. First day here went great as my Apple took out time for me and we had a wonderful evening together. And that is enough to make me happy :o) I also made a gift for him, I love making things for him, but forgot it in my cupboard only. So dumb I am at times.

Now there is a wish-list of things I have to do after I get well and can walk properly:  
1. SHOPPING: Its been so long that I went to do some shopping. I could not go even for window shopping. And i really need to update my wardrobe!
2. MOVIES: I love movies and I have missed so many movies. So its the first thing I am going to do after I'll be able to walk!
3. ROAD TRIP: Its been like one and a half month when I drove last. So, this is a must!
4. BOOK SHOPPING: I have developed an interest in reading recently, so I am going to buy some good ones for me!
5. HEAD MASSAGE: I think I should go for it, but I am not sure about this one!
I hope I have a fast recovery, so that I can get my life completely on track.


  1. Good to know that U have started to get back on ur feets..though u have to wait a bit more to be completely up and moving. Takecare.

  2. Book and clothes shopping - I need to those things as well.
    I had a head massage a few times - at this salon where I used to get my hair cut - they always gave head massages before washing and cutting - they were relaxing.

  3. I hope that you accomplish all in this lovely list! Wish you well!

  4. book shopping is my favourite so so theraputic its like having the world at your fingertips and you get to select the segment you want to view for that moment

    plus i love the smell of books :)


  5. Ive just spent a lovely half hour reading your blog!

  6. Clothes it!
    Book for it!
    Inspiration...always looking for it!
    ~Great post today~!!

    Sassy Chica


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