August 8, 2009


Isn't it lovely?
Right now, it is my dream breakfast.
It looks so yummy!
I have noticed that I am drawn more to the food with good presentation.
Someday I'll also be good at all this..
And the idea of day-wise handkerchiefs along is also nice!

If we talk of my breakfast these days, it is zero presentation. Just two boiled eggs in a boring steel plate with a little salt at a side, given with an ugly fat mug of milk. Why we people don't understand the importance of presentation? Food is the only beautiful thing that nourishes. But we forget the beauty part, considering it irrelevant. Nourishing part is already lost because of the chemicals used in everything. Nothing left!


  1. ki ho tussi?????
    kitho aund ne eh ideas...
    chup chap khao lo...but u ka dimag...
    waise to u r rite like alwys...
    he he

  2. ab samjh aaye tune mere diye hue.rajhma chawal kyu nahi khaye......!!

  3. I love the beautiful tea towel. Totally makes it beautiful in its own way!

  4. Breakfast is my fave meal! No matter the time of's always yummy! i love it so much I also did a post about it ( eggs on toast is one of my faves

  5. It's my favorite meal too :) Eggs are an important part of my breakfast!

  6. Agree.. I should get that! Not sure if I would remember the beauty part in the morning rush nowadays :/

  7. Yum! I love breakfast foods just not the time of day when breakfast is supposed to be served LoL

  8. haha.. Breakfast food is good any time of the day!


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