August 6, 2009

Autumn in New York

Today afternoon, I saw the movie 'Autumn in New York'. Nice movie. The movie made me realize, we can never be sure of tomorrow. Never can we know what is going to happen to us, or our loved ones, the very next second. Life is too short to love our dear ones. It is not how intense or deep feelings we have, it is how we make them feel. It is about treating them right. People might not remember what we said to them, but they will never remember how we made them feel. Sugar-coated words mare not necessary, just care is enough for anyone, be it in any different way. We have got just one life, and none of us know how long or short it is. We should live and love as if there is no tomorrow. I hope all of us realize this soon, as we have already wasted over twenty years.


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