August 12, 2009

2 pictures game

Idea by: Oh! Mishka

Grab your camera.
Take pictures of two things in the room you are in right now.
Put them on your blog and say why you chose those two items to photograph.
Then comment here with the link to your blog post so that we can all see each other's pictures.

Here are mine...
1. The container I got with Spykar wrist watch.
Now I use it for collecting coins.
2. My sweet mouse.
Its extra attachment with my laptop.
The reason that I chose these 2 items is that I am a very stationary object now days because of fracture, so I cannot move around a bit. These items were the most reachable ones. Also, I am not having my camera with me. Clicked these with my cellphone, so no good zoom and picture quality. These were the things at arm's distance, so they were the best choice.


  1. I like that you played the game anyway, and were still honest about your reasons.

  2. Ha ha I had to use my cell phone to take pictures too! Your watch came in such a neat container!


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