June 3, 2009

Too fast OR Too slow ??

Yesterday, after I came out of the examination hall, waiting for others to finish theirs and come out so that we can rush back to home city, a thought came to my mind...

I was thinking about the first day when I had stepped into this college- 8th Aug 2005. And today it's 2nd June 2009. Four years. Long time. And while going through these years, I always found it LONGER. These four years are unforgettable part of life. They have witnessed the biggest transformation in me. From an innocent dumb to an aware person. These years gave me the worst times, hardest lessons, cruel realities, and what not.

But I can't be so ungrateful. They also gave me the best gift of my life too, that I'll keep, love and cherish for the lifetime. :o) Rest everything I want to erase of tear off from my book of life. I miss being dumb, quiet; like I was before I came here. But, whatever I might say, I was supposed to face this all 'coz I had to learn a LOT of lessons to face the world.

And as they say - "Everything that happens is for our good." I truly believe in that.

Coming back to the point where I started. Yesterday while I was thinking that how I spent years here, I felt how difficult all of it seemed while I was going through this time. I prayed everyday for time to pass away quickly (though it didn't help me). Time was at its own pace, torturing each day. But now when I've crossed all of it (nearly), I was feeling - "Oh! 4 years passed. Time just flew by!" Funny, right?

I just realized that Time camouflages with situation. Or better said, we morph it according to our state of mind. When we are happy, we are too busy enjoying the time that we don't realize that its going. In reverse situations, we are so fed up of everything that the only thing left to concentrate is- "Why time doesn't move us out of this situation." So very human!

In the end I was justified with a quote I once read- "There is light at end of every tunnel." So, we should just enjoy our life, quitting worries, doing the right without trying to make everyone happy, and not caring about people (except the ones that matter).. I know I have to implement all of it on myself too. I'm in the process!


  1. hmmmm u r right... in three points..
    1. everything happens for our own good.
    2. no need to care bout people who dont care for u.
    3. u have to aplly pt. 2 urself.

  2. Hehehe :P

    what about the rest vese???
    I'm right in everything, huh!

  3. hmmm...nice one....
    n some words r very difficult to understand..

  4. n thank god....
    atlast u accept all that...
    keep smiling always:)

  5. which ones???? :o
    I don't think i used high vocab.
    I'm myself not good at it :(

  6. oh....all tht u have penned down is so true....atleast i can easily relate myself....but i think all tht happ 4 some reason....but at d end i enjoyed...each and every moment....


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