June 6, 2009


I always love to make gifts and goodies for the ones I love, the ones who are dear to me. All I need for it is a feel to do something for them and make them feel very special. Then ideas come on their own. And once I get started, I am fully engrossed in making the best of it. Till the end, my intention is to keep adding and improving to make the thing best possible, so that my friend receiving it is happy to have it.

I love to create memories. Memories through which my friends can remember me and keep me with them through their lifetime. For me, my gifts are the best expression of my feelings and love for the other person. I make those things with my whole heart into them. It can be anything- some collage, card, scrapbook, video or anything. Whatever it is, its full of my love.

But the only trouble with me is that when I put all my love and efforts into it, I start expecting for some kind of loving response and appreciation. But the other person usually forgets this or neglects this. Reasons can be many. Maybe they don't realize how many hours I spent to make that little thing. Or maybe they can't give a similar response to what I expect 'coz we all are different. Sometimes they are too spellbound and reaction less. Whatever the reasons maybe, the fact still remains the same- I expect. And it hurts a lot when I don't even get any appreciation for that. What hurts even more is - silence. Appreciating doesn't mean I need to be praised high. A simple smile can also do wonders, if it says all. I only expected little gestures. A cute thankful smile. A loving hug. Only things like that. There's nothing big that I asked for. But I always faced this, since childhood. I still remember, there was a friend of mine whom I really loved a lot and valued greatly. I used to make cards for her on every little occasion. Once i made a huge multi-paged card for her birthday, and few days later when I went to her place she told me that she spilled water on it by mistake. That was one thing that hurts still. This was only one incident. The list is long. I made seven gifts for each day of week, but someone couldn't even say a few words. Somebody never said for anything I made. I gifted my friends collages, they couldn't even thankfully hug me in return. I made video for my friends, they didn't even care to say a word. I worked for months preparing birthday gift for a friend, and she didn't know how to react. There are still many more.

I hope someday the people on other side realize that these might seem to be very small things but it takes lots of time, patience, dedication and of course feeling to make all that.

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  1. i knw everything u did...
    n i always luved ur gifts...:)
    i m lucky to have a fd like u

  2. things dat hurt d most teach d most..
    sorry :-*

  3. oh all your gift r uncomparable....they r d most valuable thing on this earth 4 me...it shows all your love,dedication.......and most imp our frndship....thnx 4 loving us so much.......

  4. hi!! I am anoop (venus's bro) read ur blog article. It's really very nice... keep blogging

  5. we 4 love hu daman....ur gifts our..priceless...keep doing the gud work...


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